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Retail: Global Expansion

Company profile

Customer is one of the largest manufacturers and distributor of sun and prescription eyewear of high technical and stylistic quality

Number of Associates


Business situation

Luxottica retail wants to expand in the global market with fast-paced acquisitions. Faster acquisitions require an urgent need to manage the business for greater profitability. Luxottica Retail want to use SAP IS-Retail for all newly acquired companies globally as the solution for managing their financial and supply chain backbone, which also needs to be integrated with the POS system.

Technical situation

Luxottica retail is already using the SAP IS Retail solution in various countries like USA, CANADA, UK, Ireland, and Mexico. Luxottica retail uses different processes in different counties based on the local need of the business. A system configured already without taking global expansion into consideration with highly complex developments using multiple interfaces.


Groupsoft helped Luxottica retail implement retail solutions for global expansion in fast pace rollout using template-based implementation. The template-based implementation helps to reduce the rollout time to 5-6 months based on the size and complexity of the country and business.

Groupsoft assisted Luxottica in designing the Business models based on key parameters such as supply chain, store ownerships and POS, etc.

Groupsoft helped Luxottica retail to standardize the process globally by developing the Global Templates based on the various business models. The global template will be used to roll out the standardized process all over the globe.

Groupsoft also designed the strategy to cover the local requirement by developing the requirement gathering questionnaire based on the business models. These questionnaires will help in reducing the requirement gathering phase, which in turns helps in reducing the project timelines.

Groupsoft also helped Luxottica retail to globalize the technical developments using configurable usability based on the business models.


  1. The global template helped the client to roll out new counties in a very short amount of time.
  2. It helped the client to standardize the global business processes of the company, which will help the company to manage the company easily.
  3. The global template helped the company to acquire and transform the acquired company.
  4. Technical developments will be readily deployed in any new country based on comfit based solutions.
  5. 50% Reduction time  for new country rollout

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